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by Heather Thatcher

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When we’re used to the go-go-go, fast forward pace that this modern-day society creates for us, slowing down even for a second feels almost painful.

Everything is becoming more and more instant by the day.

Amazon same day delivery.

Instant access to information and the answers to our questions with our phones or the internet.

Text messages, instant messages, almost everyone carrying a phone in their pockets.

We stream music, movies, tv shows, podcasts all day.

When did we forget how to be alone with our thoughts?

In fact that thought might even scare you a bit.

When was the last time you were just alone with your thoughts?

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For me, at the time I’m writing this, I’m right in the middle of promoting and launching a new online product for one of my businesses and last night my mind was going a gazillion miles a minute right when I was trying to wind down for bed.

I felt frazzled, tired, and my brain fog was thick and it was really tough to focus.

My mind was craving stillness – yet was unable to be still because I’ve been pushing it to keep on going almost constantly for the past week.

Maybe you’re finding yourself in the same headspace – wishing you could slow down and be still, but scared of what you’ll find when it’s just you with nothing to distract you.

This time I’m going to switch things up for you a bit and instead of giving you more to fill your busy brain, I’m going to help you clear it.

If you’ve never done a meditation before, don’t worry! This is a beginner meditation that will help you calm your busy brain and feel just a little bit more relaxed than you were before you started.

Make sure you’re not operating heavy machinery, or responsible for small children or in an unsafe place before you do this.


You can do this while you’re walking, you can do this while you’re doing the dishes or folding laundry.

Take a deep breath and press play.

You’ve got this.

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