A digital detox isn't the solution - but this is

by Heather Thatcher

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It’s pretty common knowledge that we, as a generalization of society, have a smartphone issue. 

I’ve heard people say that the zombie apocalypse has happened already because of the number of people walking around slowly, tripping on things, while glued to their smartphone.

We’ve become so dependent on our smartphones, that now something called a “digital detox” has become a thing. 

Just in case you don’t know what a digital detox is, here’s the general idea.

People go on a “digital detox” when they feel that they’re spending too much time on their phone, or social media, or playing a game on their phone. Whatever it is, people decide they need a break and decide to not go on social media for a week, or not play that game for a week, or only use their phone to make phone calls for a week.

I think you get the idea.

This is a band-aid solution, though, because it’s not addressing the underlying problem.

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True, taking a break from screen time or social media for a few days can improve your mental health and stress level. But when you come back to it, those unwanted emotions will slowly build up again. The amount of time you spend on those apps is also likely to creep back up to where you feel you need a break.

You’ll find that you keep going through the same cycle over and over.

Did you know that the average person in the US spent 3.5 hours daily on their phone in 2018? 

Every year that average increases by 11 minutes and we spend 90% of that 3.5 hours of screen time on apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, SnapChat, and any of those game apps you might have on your phone.

All of these apps are designed to keep you distracted, entertained and engaged for as long as possible. Instagram stories keep rolling, the Facebook Newsfeed, Instagram feed, TikTok feed – they’re all an endless scroll of distraction. Those games you play have an infinite supply of new levels. 

Don’t even get me started on the YouTube vortex of recommended videos. I’m guilty of watching “just one more video” on YouTube and then being surprised how much time has gone by since I started with that one tutorial video.

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All of this is so immersive it takes over all of our attention and overloads our brain with information.

Plus, we have notifications popping up all the time, reminding us to come back to these apps, or check out that new email that just arrived.

No wonder our intuition has such trouble communicating with us! 

Your body’s messages are subtle and can’t compete with the steady stream of smartphone notifications. Those quiet messages that are asking you to get up and stretch, to close your eyes and take a few mindful breaths, or to slow down and hear when you’re body is saying that you’re finished eating. Unless you’ve worked to develop and strengthen your intuition, it really doesn’t stand a chance against your smartphone.

Plus, when you think about it, do you actually want to spend 3.5 hours per day on your phone?

Imagine yourself standing at the end of your life, looking back on all that you accomplished, all of the people you impacted and who changed you for the better. 

I think it’s a safe bet that no one is going to think, “I’m glad I spend 3.5 hours on my smartphone every day. That made a difference.”

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Now, I want to ask you: do you really want to do a traditional digital detox and be caught in the cycle of taking a few days off from using your phone regularly so that you feel less like you’re ruled by this little device?

Or do you want to have better digital habits and support systems in place when it comes to your phone and social media so that you don’t feel you ever need a detox break in the first place?

Probably that, right?

It’s time to break free from the cycle and regain the power over your digital wellness.

This will allow you to feel empowered about how much time you spend on your phone and what you do on your phone – all without having to think much about it.

Your phone will become a tool to support your wellness, not a weapon of mass distraction. 

You’ll have more time for the things, activities and people that are important to you and support your ultimate health and wellness.

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All you have to do is:

  1. Declutter your phone
  2. Decide on time limits for each app and your phone in general
  3. Set up systems and habits to help support your goals so that your phone works FOR you, not the other way around

Sure, you could figure out how to do this on your own.

Or you can speed up the process and by watching the workshop I have called “The last digital detox you’ll ever need.”

In this workshop, I’m going to walk you through every step to have it be easy to follow your digital wellness goals. I’ll guide you through the process of creating your own rules that are 100% unique to you. I will share with you how to set up your phone with screen segmentation and digital wellness apps so that you’ll be able to easily stick to your digital wellness goals, without having to think about it at all.

Your phone CAN be an excellent tool to support your overall health and wellness.

You have a little wellness coach in your pocket; you just have to unlock this capability from your phone.

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This workshop is going to show you how to do that, step by step in 20 minutes a day.

By the end of this workshop, you’re going to have so much more time to take care of yourself, to do all of those things on your want-to-do list but you never had time for, and spend more time with the people that matter most. 

Your intuition is doing it’s best to shout over all of your digital distractions right now. Let’s create some space to hear your intuition.

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