Release your past
Redefine who you are

healing from trauma & covert grief

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

I know you’re an amazing caregiver, looking after the people around you and you’re likely in a caring, service-based profession as well.

You’ve been pushing yourself so hard for so long, you’re starting to run out of energy and drive.

Life has been so hard for you.

But you’re a fighter.

There have been multiple times in your life when have had to face yet another significant challenge.

It slows you down, you learn how to shoulder that burden and then somehow you find just a bit more strength in yourself, you stand up and keep you keep going.

Every time that emotional burden becomes just a little bit more hard to hold and you have moments where you feel your heart is going to break along with your back.

You're not even sure if you know who you are anymore...

Imagine how it will feel when you stop bending backwards for everyone else and know how to prioritize yourself without feeling guilty.

Imagine how it will feel when you free yourself from your past so it stops controlling your future.

Imagine how it will feel when you trust yourself enough to become who you were meant to be, knowing you are capable of doing what you were meant to do, with a clear plan of action to make this purpose your reality in as little time as possible

That's exactly what the Ultimate Life Survival Guide shows you how to do - one simple step at a time.

Step One: Strengthen Your Resilience to Stress

Breathing, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, self-care – these are all great solutions for helping manage our modern day stress. However, if you don’t address your stress at the source, it’s like you’re in a boat full of holes and you’re trying to bail yourself out with a spoon. You’re going to sink slower – but you’re still going to sink. There are two main sources of stress: #1 – our hectic, fast-forward lifestyle, and #2 – our fear based Inner Story Teller who is just trying to do the best they can to keep you safe.

Step Two: Process your Covert Grief

We’ve been taught to keep going, keep pushing through, to “toughen up” and “get over it”. This mindset of pushing down difficult emotions, ignoring them, or worse – becoming numb to them – has us storing these stressful experiences in our body. This isn’t woo-woo, out there pseudoscience. There is significant evidence that proves our body will adapt to these higher levels of stress chemicals and see this as the “new normal” to try and be maintained. So if you really want to heal your body, you have to process the grief and stress that you’ve been keeping hidden away all of these years. I know this sounds scary – but there’s a safe way to do this that will help you fully release the past, and only hold onto the lessons.

Step Three: Rediscover Who You Are

When you’ve spent all of your life being everything for everyone else, it’s only natural that slowly you would lose connection to who you really are. In fact, right now you may be feeling a loss of identity because of a recent crisis, struggle or diagnosis that has left you feeling defeated once again. I want to make one thing very clear. You did not deserve any of this. You are a very caring, compassionate person, and were taught from a young age that people-pleasing is praised and so you’ve learned to de-prioritize yourself to the point that you wouldn’t even hold the door open, or give up your seat on the bus for yourself.  Logically you know you deserve to be loved and taken care of, but emotionally you don’t feel worthy. Reconnecting to your true self to process and release your grief is one of the most empowering experiences you’ll ever know, and once this happens you’ll know your life purpose and feel confident to go after it no matter where you’re at in your life!

Step Four: Accept Radical Responsibility & Rewrite Your Story

When we’re in default survival mode, our Inner Critic is in charge. Our habits, thought patterns, self-talk and limiting beliefs are the rule book that our Inner Critic follows to keep us safe. When we step out of our comfort zone or try anything new, our Inner Critic hits all the “panic buttons” in our brain, ramps up our stress response and says everything they can think of to make us stop. Our stress response starts to work against us too, making it harder and harder for us to create the changes we want to make, even if we know that these changes are in our best interest. If you want to change your life, you have to take control back from your Inner Critic and step up as the Objective Observer of your life, because then nothing will ever hold you back anymore and you’ll become the empowered, unstoppable version of you that you were always meant to become.

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